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The vision of the Alliance for Innovation in Integrated Healthcare (AIIH) is to create a space for all healthcare stakeholders to engage in provocative, open, and transparent discussion.

In the new age of value-based healthcare, collaboration is key. AIIH aims to address challenges, evaluate new and emerging services and technology, and assess approaches to care and payments models.

Dear Colleague,

In the recent decade, healthcare has experienced an explosion of innovation that has promised to improve quality, improve access, increase efficiency, eliminate waste in process, and reduce costs that ultimately improve outcomes and quality of life for the patient. One of the bigger challenges however has been that the development of innovation has all too often been siloed, occurring within a specific subsector, with less thought to the impact of other parts of the patient continuum and overall system.

Enter 2020…a year of unprecedented challenges in care delivery. A year that exposed many of the Achilles’ heels in delivery, as well as the disconnect of multiple innovations. For example, new pharmaceutical agents, improved medical devices, use of big data and improved procedures such as CAR-T have produced stunning results, but they have often been disconnected to the payment system. Payers have developed their own innovations that can significantly reduce the cost of care, but they can have devastating effects on other parts of the continuum. We know the impact of social determinants
of health is significant, but is the ROI too long to gain the attention of payers? At the same time, the pandemic allowed us to advance other technologies (e.g. telemedicine) through unprecedented collaboration with payers.

How can we as leaders in healthcare sustain what we have learned as innovation accelerates
even more rapidly in the future? How can we prepare for the exponential changes we will see, but collaborate in the design? How can we best assess the cost-value equation as a full continuum of care?

The vision of the Alliance for Innovation in Integrated Healthcare (AIIH) is to bring all stakeholders together, providers, payers, investors, as well as pharma, technology, device manufacturers and others in frank, open and transparent discussion to truly address the challenges we are experiencing, evaluate new emerging technology, approaches to care and payments models. We have developed the Alliance in the same spirit as the Association of Value-Based Cancer Care (AVBCC), one of the most successful organizations in cancer care.

We welcome you to this inaugural conference! We are committed to developing high-quality programming, to be at the cutting edge, to have provocative conversations that challenge the status quo and to complement with this will ongoing networking and communications. Our goal is to engage faculty from the entire continuum…not merely presenting what has been done, but to challenge our paradigms and stimulate our thinking.

We appreciate your engagement and support to AIIH. Sincerely,

Linde Finsrud Wilson, MBA

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