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Mission & Vision

Mission: To provide a platform that educates, supports, and empowers chronic and complex care nurse navigators to drive transformative patient-centered care.

Vision: Innovate, elevate, and grow the role of the chronic and complex care nurse

Organizational Tagline: Innovation, Elevation & Growth

Who is ACCCNN?

The registered nurses and nurse navigators who are always looking for new resources and tools to further support their patients, who love connecting with like-minded professionals, and who want to continue their education and grow professionally.

Foundational Leadership Council

Lead, Engage, Advise and Direct

The Leadership Council meets regularly to set strategic priorities, organizational planning, and evaluation of programs. Members provide insight and advice to the Association concerning strategy and educational needs relating to chronic disease and complex care nurse navigators.

Lillie Shockney

Co-Founder and Mentor

Billie Lynn Allard

Co-Founder and Co-Program Director

Jennifer Edwards

Co-Founder and Co-Program Director

Contact Us

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